Exam Procrastination

Hey all, just me procrastinating before my finals this coming week.

Let me know what you think!



That quadruple Ace retention, Display was sweet!
Cardsry, ah. I used to do it alot, but oddly enough suddenly stopped.

Nice video… Pretty sweet stuff

A lot of that card stuff is old material Ive been replaying with. I wanna say that ace production is Heron Low’s…?

Any who, thanks for the kind words.


Ive been out of the Card Flourish Game for a few years now haha

Ha, Im proud to say that I am/was part of the whole flourishing/Dan and Dave/ Brian Tudor Movement when it started, so I saw it all come to what it is today, which is cool! Makes me feel old. Once I get home for Christmas break, Il use a good camera and actually put some effort into a good video!


Dan and Dave omg <3

Haha, i wasnt too good, just did some crazyyy displays though
gotta bust out my cards haha

I’m sure some people have told you this before: I think your hands are magic!

That and magic used to be my life. lol

The amount of hand-eye coordination that you must have…

Videos like this are truly humbling. Great flourishing and most of all, amazing yoyo skills.

Ha, Magic still is above yoyos for me, I have meet some of the top magicians in the world, and have made some amazing people! I could go to Vegas right now, and get tickets to any show on the strip, from a fellow magician I had dinner with. The generosity is amazing in that community!

Thanks! you can add rubiks cubes, a little pen spinning, coin magic (the new modern stuff is ridiculous!), and I have played the violin for 11+ years, along with a little piano. I like working with my hands!



i do Diabolo, yoyo, some magic, origami,kirigami, and wuite some more!