New to Yoyo's

Hey all,

As of two days ago I made the decision to buy a yoyo and start practicing. Due to this sudden snow, I haven’t received the yoyo yet but I’m excited.

The reason I’m posting this is because I plan to keep a bit of a blog or ‘journal’ of my progress as I yoyo. I’m doing that because I’m originally a ‘Cardist’, which is the term we use for Cardistry Artist or someone that can manipulate playing cards in a non-magical way.

The video below will show you what cardistry is.

I’m burnt out on that hobby, so I’m taking a break but I want to continue to stretch my creativity - which is where this comes into play. I’m hoping to bring what I know from Cardistry, into the yoyo world and vice versa.

So. Since I’m keeping a running blog for the whole process and the progress I make, I thought I’d share it with you guys.

You can find it at my website here.

that was cool! That takes serious hand control.

Yeah it’s pretty difficult and doesn’t maintain nearly as much popularity as Yoyos.

I LOVE card manipulation. That stuff just amazes me like crazy.

Welcome to the forums!

Hope we can offer all the help and advice you may need.


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I like the card flourishes to along with the manipulations that you did in that video. I like the bone’s eye cut alot, probably my favorite that I know. Do you by any chance know that one?

awesome :o

I know a really wide variety of material, the eye cut being one of them but I rarely ever perform it.

I got my yoyo today and have started practicing, it’s fun but I’m super anxious to get beyond the beginner stuff and start on 1A material. I attempted some string style tricks earlier and the motions are unnatural, plus the string burns my fingers lol.

I also have skills other then yoyo… I’m psychic! Now using my powers I will guess which yoyo you ordered.
Hmm, hmm, yeah, ok…
Was it a Dark Magic 2?

Any ways welcome to the forums.

Hmm, I like it alot but the one thing that dosen’t impress me a whole lot is the dribbles like anaconda, yeah it is hard but just not my thing.

The tricks will come with practice, and string burn will differ with whitchever type of string you use. Cotton strings burn alot and 100 percent polyester dosent burn nearly as bad.

I figure string burns are just part of the process.

Right now, I’m using the stock bearing that came with this yoyo and I’m concerned that I wont be able to do any string tricks with it since it slows down, stops, or binds the string almost every-time.

Yeah you will need to clean the bearing to get longer spin times out of that bearing if it spins slowly, but also alot (and I mean alot) of problems can be solved by working on your throw. Nice and straight and a very strong throw are needed to excell in yoyoing.

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Should the bearing need cleaning right out of the box?

This really depends on the bearing. Most company’s ship there bearings dry so they don’t need cleaning, and if there isn’t too much lube in it just brake it in by playing a lot. If the bearing dosn’t seem to be spinning smoothly, however, you should definitely clean it.
Oh, and don’t lube the bearing if it starts to get loud when you are playing, the bearing is just breaking in and will be back to normal after few days.

That’s amazing. You should be incredible at yo-yoing if you have that hand control. I know you’ll excellerate in the more technical tricks because the finger manipulation skill you have will allow you to do some awesome tricks.

Welcome brother.

Cardist: I sincerely welcome you to the forum.

I hope you become an active user, I’d love to see your progress, as you already are skilled at finger manipulation.

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Welcome welcome welcome :slight_smile:

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Thanks everyone, it’s much appreciated.

Right now I’m thinking that I’ll be able to pick up this stuff pretty quickly, I plan to more onto string tricks in a day or two.

I certainly plan to be as active here and in the community as possible. I’m a big believer that you achieve success in an area of your life… you emerge yourself into that area. I really want to be a good yoyoer, so I’ll do what I must to make sure I reach that goal.

Cool! I tried my hand at some card manipulation, WHOA! It it darn hard! Really fun though! I’ve got ALOT of work to do before I can even call myself a beginner :slight_smile:

so what yoyo did you get

dm2 for now. I’m looking at getting a protostar after I learn binding.