Ever Feel Anger Towards Your Yoyo


Hey guys. I was just wondering if you ever blame your yoyo when you do something bad. You fail at doing an easy trick and you feel like you have to go exchange it for another yoyo




Yes, especially when I’m practicing for a contest. “Oh, you horrible yoyo, I’m all sweaty and I can’t land my tricks because you’re too big (or small)” or “It dies out so quickly, AAUUUGGHHH.” Yeah it happens.

(Erik Kerber ) #4

Sometimes when I hit my knuckles really hard.

(major_seventh) #5

“mhm… mhm…” (scribbling down notes while patient sits in reclined chair).

“I’ll need to schedule you in for Monday…”


Yeah. Sometimes it’s just not working and you shelve it and grab a different one.

Punch Line, return!
El Ranchero, I choose you!


Yes, to the point we’ve broken up. If my yoyo becomes abusive I have to sit them down and tell them we can’t be together anymore.


Well I bought the shutter because I thought it would make me a world champion… you could say I’m melting it down now. >:(