What do you do when you get frustrated?

So what do you guys tend to do when you get mad/frustrated with the yoyo or just yoyoing.

I was thinking about what I usually do, I usually just hold in my anger, just take it off my finger and put on the table and just walk away before I destroy the thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you guys do?

Lately ive become more adn more frustrated and just put down and didnt/wont yoyo for days. :frowning:

WEll its a toy. I never get mad or frustrated at it. Only myself and that’s not often. I don’t think you should be getting that mad. Its not like you just found out your girlfriend was cheating on you!
I didn’t tell you that! You didn’t hear it from me!

Haha, Sure.

I guess your right, I dont really get mad or frustrated at the yoyo itself, just myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

If I get mad, I usually end up throwing the yoyo around and hitting things with it. Lol.

i had a journey but i got pissed and i broke it!!!

But take me advise and try to hold your anger because if you break it you will regret it later just like i did

Usually what happens before you reach the point of frustration is you get tense.

This is true for me, and I have had to work hard at learning the signs of tension.

The signs are much the same for most people. Your shoulders come up your elbows move in close to you body, you might even hold or take short breaths. Try to learn to feel the signs of tension and stop playing before you reach frustration!
I take a deep breath let it out slow, and shake my arms down; this helps. Maybe make a video of yourself playing the thing that makes you tense or frustrated, watch this video and look at your own body language; this will also help you recognize the signs.
I even practiced in front of a mirror, I could see the tension happening as it was happening. Obviously just be careful what trick you chose to practice, don’t want to break a mirror; 7 years bad luck. LOL :smiley:

Hope this helps. :wink:

For me i just put it down and go find something else to do then come back and try to do it again.

I boot up the Xbox-o-rox and run over some pedestrians in GTA4,

I Yo-Yo

Awesome. :smiley:

I rarely get mad at my yo-yo, but when I do I usually just go pound a soccerball into my goal.

I don’t believe I have gotten frustrated with the yoyo or yoyoing. But if I was, I probably would go on YYE and look at new yoyo releases or go play guitar. But probably just something to do with the yoyo other than yoyoing.

I get frustrated with my fast offstring a LOT.
WHen ever it binds and gets knotted, I just go into my front yard, and do a really really hard forward pass. Usually it flies about 30 ft in the air. Once it got stuck in my pine tree.

Cool. Lol, yeah sometimes ill just throw the yoyo as hard as i can. Then go into some super long combo lol.

One time i binded back right away…OW, *@#(& @O&@( @)$!__(


well I try to throw near a couch because when I get mad i take it out on my yo-yo, and if I’m not near a couch or something soft to bash my throw into I’ll probably end up breaking my throw on the floor. fortunately that has never happened. :stuck_out_tongue:

throw the yoyo on the carpet so it gets hurt but not dinged

i fingerboard :slight_smile:

Put on the Dead Kennedys and keep throw’in! ;D

When I get frustrated, I set the yoyo down, move on to Modern Warfare 2 on my xbox, then i feel much better.

If something im trying is really kickn my butt, i just move onto something else, or if im done throwin for abit I stop.

But usually its frustration from other things that drives me to yoyo.