Eternal Victory and Wrath?


Can anybody that has both, compare them? I’m sure they play differently, but they sure look like they are from the same Tribe, so to speak.



I’ve got both :). The victory isa lot lighter than the wrath and plays a lot faster with itstock side effects. it has a lot of rim weight just like the wrath. I haven’t compared them together but it seems like the wrath is smaller. I’ll write more on it a littler later.

(2Sick Joey) #3

The Wrath is Amazing! I agree that it does feel smaller in hand then its actual specs are. Its very smooth and stable. The weight is nice where it feels solid but not heavy and can play at a fast pace or you can play it slow. The finish is a very smooth beadblast with amazing color anodize. It grinds great in every type of grind. The spin times are great and it’s well worth the money. It’s a must have in my book.

However I haven’t played a Victory.


I would love to hear more opinons on this very question. I like the looks of both but only want one of them due to my collection staying at 15. The Wrath while looking (to me) better does not have SE’s as the Victory does… I am sure they both play dead smooth though as they are made by the best.