Error with the yoyo ERROR

i have been TRYING to use my spyy spyder, but, i can’t seem to find a string that will hold it for a long time, all the string i keep using it keeps snapping, send the yoyo flying. I love the size of this yoyo soo much, but, its also the heaviest yoyo i’ve ever used. In general it seems i have bad luck with metal yoyo’s in general, but, i’ve come to realize alot of the majority yoyo’s i want to buy are metal. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you very much for your time.

What string are you currently using? YYN Highlights, YYE String?

I would reccomend using YoYo G-String which is sold here:

It’s a little thicker that YYN and YYE string, and longer, and lasts a VERY, VERY long time. Perfect string tension and everything.

The Spyder has a ver aggressive Beadblasting finish. Take a Sock, or a pair of old jeans, or the back of a real leather belt, and polish the area around the bearing seat and recess. after about half an hour on each half, try it again.

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