Erased member?

I bought a yo from a guy. Haven’t heard from him in a few days. Tried to send him a message and it says he can’t be found.

Is it erased?

did you put a title in the subject area? if you don’t it does that sometimes.

That’s not the prob :confused:
Good thought though

So then what is the problem?

hmmmmmmmmmmmmm… not sure then. you’d have to ask the mods.

His account has been marked for deletion by him. You out anything diz?

ouchhh. His previous account was like nathanrockz or something like that and he had bad feedback and such and yeahhhh. anyways hope dizzo you arent out much!

That’s correct. Dizzo, if you paid via paypal start the reversal.

Bummer. Ya, it was paypal.
I’ll give the benefit of the doubt and wait till Friday to start the repeal. Any idea how long it would take if it comes to that?

If he doesn’t reply to it through PayPal then it will be pretty quick. Maybe a couple of weeks. Especially if he hasn’t done any transactions through them. Having multiple accounts, etc will only help you. Just let them know the details.

Thanks for the help guys. Never had this happen before

Whenever I’ve opened a dispute just through PayPal it has taken less than a week to have my funds returned every time. Only when eBay was involved was it a pain

Interesting to know that. Paypal is a subsidiary of Ebay. If it was an Ebay transaction, not only does Paypal lose, but Ebay loses that 9% fee portion of the sale. That might be why reversing the Ebay transaction requires “longer investigation.” :smiley: The seller might get more time to respond and deliver, so they get to keep that 9%.

I do find it interesting that a member who was banned previously, came back and made a huge deal about wanting to change but nobody giving him a second chance pulling what, at this moment at least, seems to be yet another scam.


Yeh so much for turning over a new leaf. Once a scammer…

Here’s his feedback thread for reference:,69899.0.html

I hope you manage to get this all resolved mate.

The guy was obviously always going to be a scumbag, allowing someone like that to use the BST again is far too lenient. It was almost certainly just a matter of time before he tried to take advantage of someone again, I’m glad that it was in a transaction involving PayPal so that he won’t gain from it.

If you don’t get it you can always send a paypal refund.

Hmm. So this guy was a known scammer and allowed back?!
And his feedback didn’t show his scamyness?! His profile should have had a scarlet letter of some sort. What an oversight. After all that he’s gonna do it again over 69 bucks. Lol

No, he never scammed anyone. I banned him because he was rude to members and for a few other infractions. Here’s most of the story: nathanrockz (Nathan Costa) - AVOID

I put it in feedback mostly because of his rudeness in trades, as well as disregard for BST rules.

I voted against letting him back in.

Gotcha. I went and disputed the paypal. Hopefully the yo shows up and I can end the claim. Just seems too fishy that he would erase his profile right after I buy something from him. He even left me feedback