Epic problem

So… my Epic was playing wonderfully in terms of the unresponsivness. But, the bearing was always super loud and it vibed a bit… i knew it needed some thin lube… but kept putting it off because i know the next couple days make it responsive.

anyway, i lubed it about 8 days ago… and it’s still reponsive, i put one little drop of thin lube in it. I have never had this problem with my 54 or my DV888 or DM1 or PGM2.

any advice? is there something i’m not doing, or do i need to wait it out? cause i cant do ninja vanish’s without busting my hand and i cant even catch it on the TA-TA’s or else the string wraps itself up… sucks.

Is the response worn off or torn apart somehow? Probably not.
You shouldn’t turn the Thin Lube bottle upside down and squeeze a drop from the bottle tip to the bearing. That’s too much lube. I’ve had thousands (actually only 3) threads of my responsive Legacy. So you just squeeze the bottle a BIT, so the drop of lube is right in the middle of the nozzle. Maker sure the drop doesn’t come out or else you will waste lube. Then, take a thin needle or a pin, touch the tip of the needle to the drop, still making sure the drop of lube doesn’t come out. Tilt your needle down and you should see a TINY drop of lube on the tip of the needle/pin. Sometimes you need to do this twice but 1 drop from the YYJ Thin Lube bottle is just too much.

clean it maybe? than dont lube it for a day of play, than take a sewing needle, dip it in lube, then put it on 2 balls. just my way.

aww… you ninjad me

Could try. I just don’t have time to get that hardcore. I tried finding mineral spirits everywhere and can’t find them. Also, I read that if you unseat the bearing, it’ll vibe… or else I’d put a 10 ball in it.

you can use lighter fluid

How does that work. Submerged? If just put a couple drops?

submerged in a small container, than shake for 5 minutes. spin bearing on pencil till no more fluid is on it. put a teeny tiny itty bitty little mini half drop on and you are good to go

Just clean it with lighter fluid, and put 2 sewing needle tip size of lube on the bearing.

How come this never happened to my other throws? And would it eventually return to normal, cause I don’t want to remove the bearing… it is seated in the Epic.

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You can keep it in there but un-imaginable things can happen. The bearing might: Lock up, break, be responsive for around a month.

The best is cleaning the bearing, you know why? When the bearing is first constructed, it is clean or dry. If you anything happens to the bearing, clean it thoughrouly, and it’ll be exactly where it started (except for the wearing).
It is recomended not to take the bearing off though. Ask someone with a TaTa. And also post a thread in the Modification and Maintenance center.

Howdy, my bearing in my epic is factory seated, it doesnt come out without pliers. I read a couple reviews and when people change out the bearing, the yoyo vibes, so they say to just keep the original in.

When i first got the yoyo, i noticed it was extremely dry and LOUD… it also would only spin for like 30 seconds… but i liked how SUPER unresponsive it was… now i work in a machine shop and i know how disasterous a dry bearing can be… so i lubed it with one drop of YYJ thin lube… i threw it down and loved the lack of vibe and the volume change… but it still is responsive… and that was 8 days ago…

now… i add one drop of thin lube to all my yoyos every couple weeks… and the other throws (54, dv888, DM1, PGM2) all become unresponsive after about a day.

this is a pain in the blank because i loved using the TA-TAs… and now i can’t without the string winding up the second i catch it… also Ninja Vanish (my fave trick) has now become the Ninja Knuckle Buster.


if you cant fix it id send it back :wink:

it’s fixable. and i got it from a store in Spain, so the shipping would kill

clean the bearing. the flowable silicone may have entered the bearing. OR a piece of hair has sneaked into the bearing seat. Happened to my protostar. I ignored it. It died.

does the store in spain have an email, if so hit em up and tell em about it. I find that some company’s and stores will send you a pre-paid envelope package and you just put it in and send out. I had a problem with my Protostar right after I recieved it and emailed YYE and they sent me a pre-paid envelope with bubble wrap in it. so maybe you will get lucky. can’t hurt…

I actually pulled out the bearing yesterday and put in a 10 ball, it is super smooth now.

Aaahh there you go, no worries now eh?

No doot aboot it