Envy Pads?

Yo people…

I just got an Envy at my Yoyo club… (Long story) and the pads are very worn out and don’t fit. So I was wondering, what kinds of pads (What size) does the Envy use?

Also it is a small bearing, what size is this? I think it is http://www.yoyonation.com/product.php?productid=16494&cat=0&page=1


I honestly am not sure of the pad size, but my guess ould be these…

As for the bearing, it is a HSpin/SPYY sized bearing. These are medium sized bearings, and are available here:


And also available in KonKave…

I think the pad size is “Dif” sized (I could be wrong), the kind made for Large Bearing yoyos with no lip.

“Dif” sized pads aren’t very common, so you’re mainly gonna have to settle for Dif-Pads and Kentaro Pads.

If I may make a suggestion, I would recommend 1 Kentaro pad. It’ll be plenty unresponsive, but still give tight binds.

One more thing. If you want a wider gap, a beefcake setup with 2 Half SPEC bearings is the best way to go (IMO).

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The newer HSpins use .555 sized pads, but I’m not sure about the Envy. You should just contact ChrisK (Rajaani will probably answer though): http://www.hspin.com/webpage/?q=contact

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