envy 64 vs m1

alright im at mi amigoz casa and hes choosing a yoyo for his b’day and hes got like a $70 budget. What do you think prevails between an HSPIN EVNY 64 vs a One Drop M1 when your preferences are small yoyo, wide, unresponsive, doesnt need modding, atleast be able to grind and fast on the string. he also wants and he is intermediate going on advance but he CAN bind. THANKS!!! ;D

M1. Go with the MI. It is no wide, and fits the other preferences. I wouldnt get the Envy for the risk of vibe.

I agree and disagree with Samad. The Envy64 is definitely an awkwardly shaped yo-yo, the M1 is a bit more heavier and is definitely more comfortable in the hand. I would pick the M1 over the Envy64 any day.

But hspin’s yo-yos are supersuper smooth. The only reason you’d think the Envy64 might have vibe is because they were selling the b-grade Envy64s (called FTL - Flaw to Love). Unless you purchase one of the said FTLs you should not receive a imperfect yo-yo. If it is the unlikely case, Chris is an awesome guy and will get you running fast.

~yo! shi!

Yea, I think YYE may carry them soon with HSpin here. They never sell wobble yos!

I think the first runs of the Envy 64 had a wobble to them, which is something they later fixed. I have a later Envy 64, and mine doesn’t have any wobble/vibe whatsoever. However, the Envy 64 does play a little strange and it is kind of unpredictable at times, by that I mean it has a tendency to snap back scary fast due to the H profile it uses. I have never thrown an M1, but that is probably going to be the better option as I have heard/read nothing but good things about it.