Engima Tutorial


The video quality is below what I like because when I took the video it wasn’t very bright outside.

I love your tricks. ;D
EDIT: oh whoops, didn’t realize that wasn’t your trick lol.

Nice job. Very clearly explained. This should help me a lot.

Oh man, that was really good. I’ve already landed this trick, but I’ve got two takeaways that weren’t as immediately obvious from other videos (ie. the 365 one by Berry himself, or the Cabin Tutorials one… I couldn’t even FIND any others, which makes this tutorial even more significant!):

  1. the part where you go to single-hand before re-inserting the NTH as it swings around… this is the time to make sure a segment goes all the way around the TH

  2. try opening up for that final landing with 3 fingers, and pop high enough to create a whole “cross segment” instead of just thinking “try to get a finger into the thumb loop”. :wink:

I’ll let you know how #2 works out for me. Certainly I liked this approach as I think it’ll give me more room to land.

Good Tutorial! I’ve been landing the “Engima” all day now! Thanks!..nice little trick to know!

Great tutorial witlessone

Thanks everyone! The more feedback I get the more I want to make tutorials. ;D

I’m still not sure if 2, 3, or 4 fingers in the loop for the final landing is best. (I think it would depend on how much trouble you have grabbing the loop vs. how much trouble you have the strings.) Also what seems to help me catch the yoyo in the final landing is when I get the middle string in between two of my fingers.

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So the secret wasn’t the grabbing hand after all. I’m still not totally consistent yet, but I’m hitting about 50%. And the secret seems to be when you’re in that last “Y” shape, make sure you have some extra digits in the loop on the finger side. I had been ending up there with only a forefinger in there, and that just wasn’t making stuff nearly wide enough.

If I can get the loop part of the “Y” to meet the “stem” further down, I’ll be even happier. Any tips for that?

I think the Y stays further down depending on how you dismount from the mount from before. making sure you don’t shrink down the y by pulling to hard on the string may also help. Getting most tricks consistent for me takes some experimentation and practice.