Grandma Kimmitt Sandwich

Because of the new episode of Let’s Play Yoyo with Mike Montgomery, i decided to try and learn Grandma Kimmitt Sandwich after ditching it about 2 months ago. So far, im getting the first 2 pops, but does anyone have any tips for the last hop where you get into a Wrist Mount-looking mount. I can’t seem to get the gap on my NTH large enough to bring the yoyo around. However, when i do get it through the gap, i cant land onto the string after that.
The step that I’m having trouble with corresponds with 3:45 at the tutorial.

Thanks in advance  :smiley:

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As the yoyo goes down through the TH side opening keep this swinging motion and let the momentum of the yoyo swing it up through the NTH side triangle; one fluid motion. To get the yoyo up through the opening in the string on your NTH side make sure the string segment running from the yoyo to where it comes in contact with the string is only about 2-3 inches, or so, in length. Be aware of where the string is on your fingers(like how far up or down your finger) compared to where the person in this video(or Jensen) has his.

For landing in the “Wrist Mount-looking mount” I use a different technique than the one in this video. I use the alternative technique described in this video which is the technique Jensen uses in his “Ghetto Tutorial” video because I think it looks better and it’s the way Jensen does it. The technique: Tilt your NTH/NTH finger forward(like you are pointing down) to better position the bottom string segment to land the hop.

I can also do the other technique. All you do is release the string from around your TH pointer but leave the string looped around your TH thumb. This way the string is automatically positioned.

Sorry, I have no advice for you. I do, though, wish you good luck ;D. I have found this trick very amusing to watch.

Generally, it is best to look at the date before posting if you are a couple pages back. The last post in this was in the middle of July, so it is probably safe to say that the person got the help they needed.

Nah. This trick still gets me