End of 2014 (8 months) 1.5min practice

Literally teh bezt one picked out of 3 trials. In reality I miss far more tricks than in this.
If anyone thought i waz gud then can all stohp naw
Plan for the coming year from January 1 to August 13 (WYYC) is to refrain from doing any new tricks and focus fully on perfecting existing tricks and making more complete freestyles, even 3min ones.

random derp
mukh phail
susch n0b
music y u so terroble

You’ve been yoyoing for 8 months?

I even started from advanced part 1 as well

I just learned the ones i thought were cool (Boing boin, eli hops,lasceration, seasick 8)

Nicee :smiley: