Il be willing to test. 8)

I’m a pretty good player and would love to test out your new string.

can i test? i really need some string. i yoyo about 1 hour a day and am a intermediete. i could use some string.


p.s they look great!

I WILL TRY THEM im working on the master skill level, so you should let me use some!!

I never got mine…

neither did i

Ya i haven’t gotten mine either. Its been about like 4 weeks now? o.o

If this is how he treats normal customers, chances are hes not getting my purchase.

I could test those strings for you and give you a review for them. I yoyo a few hours a day, and I am at the master level on this site. Just send me a message if you want me to test them!

i am extremely sorry for the inconvinience, but i have been out to an extremely bad tooth infection, after 5 tooth extractions. i was on the same antibiotic they put you on for anthrax, but i sent the strings once, but i ended up getting them all back, the postal service didnt like all the ink art and cool writting i put on the envelopes, i was hoping they would send. again i am terribly sorry, and the strings will be sent out asap.

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Ah well that explains a lot. I was think you just though , forget ol’ Robert. Can’t wait to try out the strings. Later.

Keep it spinning™

Robert, that post was from a month ago, did you get your strings yet?
I don’t think “empirestrings” has been on here for over a month.

Yes, please check the date next time =P

OH NO! When did this one come out? I would’ve been a willing tester. I can do all the tricks here on this site, I can do slacks, suicides and all the fancy stuff that require good string. I also play everything between 1A and 5A and am very good at writing reviews and such stuff. Are there any “vacancies” left?

I don’t think he is sending out more samples to people. And to be honest, I think you’d never get the strings even if you were on his testers list. I didn’t and he said word for word:

Date: April 11th 2009

I think I pmd u a long time ago

I would love to try the strings and I won First place in my school speech contest (4th place in the state)
I am very good at writing essays
Pm me if you choose me

Empire strings aint on the forums anymore i believe.