Eli hops help!

Yeah… As the title says… I need major help in doing Eli hops :-
How do I pop it up in the air? Every time I do it, the yoyo snags and returns, OR misses the string when landing. Is it impossible to do with a responsive yoyo?

HEHEY!! You have Turbo Bumble GT too!

Eli isn’t the easiest thing to do with a Bumble Bee. Takes practice…

I’m learning it with a Duncan FH2 :stuck_out_tongue: any tips? it just… uh… doesnt pop.

If you are going to do an eli hop with a responsive yoyo you need to make sure the string is always relatively tight. When you pop it up do it with conviction and move your hands together fast then once it hits the top of the string move your hands back to a trapeze just as fast. That should help with the binding, catching it on the string is just about practice. It will be easier with a non-responsive yoyo but it is completely possible with a responsive one. hope that helps

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Hmm how do you pop it? Is it like… Pop it up the air, then quickly move your hands together, yoyo reaches the top, and pull back string so that yoyo comes back down? o_O

yep :wink: ;D

Thanks. :slight_smile:
Oh yeah… Every time i pop the yoyo up, it turns towards my non throw hand, like revesing into breakaway. Any tips on that?

keep the yoyo centered and try to do it in 1 move

Make sure your popping it straight up into the air. And when the yoyo is coming down, try to get your nonthrow hand to the outside of the yo-yo. Like(for right handed) get it on the left side as it falls. That way it’s string or miss, not fall of the side. I hope that kind of makes sense.