Elevator with a fireball

At the moment I’ve got my heart set on doing an elevator, however I’m having trouble doing it. I’m using a fireball as an inbetween whilst I wait for my Classic. My throw isn’t perfect but I’d like to think it’s good enough. I just seem to either lose too much spin or my yoyo spins around and gets twisted. I think this is just something I’m doing wrong but pointers would be appreciated.

When you’re playing with a responsive looper or modified shape yoyo, you have to be perfectly aligned in the gap to do an elevator. And your angle (to get the yoyo to rest against the string segment) should be barely enough to achieve the effect. If the yoyo is “sitting against” the string too heavily, it could cause difficulty on the way down.

It’s really just entirely about alignment. And as soon as you knock the yoyo itself slightly out of alignment, you’re at risk of losing the whole trick, too.

Hmmm. I regret buying a looper now. What I really want is a forgiving 1a yoyo.

All I can suggest is tilt your string a bit more, Non-Throw Hand more toward you while the Throw Hand is farther away from your body. Try to use your Throw Hand’s Thumb as the the place where the string leaves your Throw Hand. Think of the Traditional Thumbs-Up hand sign.

A good hard throw sleeper should be more than enough to perform Elevator with a FB.

If you are referring to a “Classic” as being a Mark Mont Classic, that you’re waiting for. That is a good Yo-Yo for Elevator…(And just about every other 1A trick ever created.;))

Funny how we have the opposite advice. I would not tilt more… the forces at work will be more likely to introduce error. Just barely enough tilt for contact is what I recommend.

Maybe I should have said a “Slight Tilt”…Do not pass go? Do not collect $200? ;D