El Paso throwers

That would be pretty cool, it’s hard to beat $10 :stuck_out_tongue:

I also just volunteered to teach a yoyo class for the summer program at the campus library I work at. Boss wanted to know if I could use a diabolo (well, she said chinese yoyo)… I said I could probably learn, and she seemed interested. I really hope she forgets, lol, I’d have no idea where to even start

Lol yeah that is a big responsibility. If it is kids you would prob be best off getting a looping yoyo and teaching the very basic looping tricks. And once this weather breaks I am def gonna get a Diablo. I about bought one recently but figured it is too cold outside. and too many breakables inside lol. Ofcoarse in TX you don’t have the harsh winter like we do up here.

Great man clyw is a great company and I gat to throw a code 2 at the Las Vegas open sounds like you like heavier yoyo,s and that’s awesome about a yoyo class at the campus library do you go to utep?by the way I’ve been trying to get about five or six people together to start a yoyo club I had a couple of people at my school who knows the basics another who’s interested in learning and who apparently knows another 4a player in the area any way let me know if you’d be interested in something like think we could call it desert throwers ps it would be awesome to chuck a yoyo down the canyon ;D

I don’t know how they’re gonna organize it with the people having yoyos or are we gonna charge and include one in the cost or what, but I figure I’ll get a YYJ classic for myself since I don’t own any responsive yoyos that I’d be comfortable teaching on.

But yeah, if not Diabolo, I definitely want to try 4a, I looked into it just to see what would happen if my boss didn’t forget that I said I’d be willing to learn, and it looks really fun.

I am at the NW EPCC campus, but I’d be interested in joining a yoyo group, that would be awesome! I thought I’d like heavier throws, but I’m super in love with the weight range of the Gnarwhal 2 and Puffin 2, the Code 2 seems a bit heavy for my personal taste with the argonaut side effects, with the flat ones YYE threw in it is a bit more to my liking. The Caesar is actually so much fun with the Terrapin X ceramic bearing I bought that it bumped off the Puffin 2 for my 2nd favorite yoyo, it is like they were meant for each other, it plays super stable and just feels so amazing when you throw it, and it doesn’t feel anywhere CLOSE to 69g, I actually thought it was about 65g until I looked it up just now.

You know if you like yoyo’s like the puffin and the gnarwhal then is think you’d like the wierd minuet it’s about the same specs plus it’s inly 50 bucks but yeah it’s cool to hear that you’d be interested In a club I’m still trying to organize the details but let me know of were you would think would be a could place to have the first meet oh and if you wanna learn 4a if be glad to help I can tell you from personal experience that the hardest part is learning the forward pass but after you get past that it’s not to bad oh and if you need a yoyo to learn on I have a duncan skyhawk that I wouldn’t mine loaning

I’ll have to look into the Werrd Minute, it does seem to look like it is right in the Gnarwhal’s range. We could meet up in Memorial Park or something, somewhere public where no one will get concerned about us breaking a window or something.
I would love to learn 4a, that would be awesome!

This is great I think we got oursevles a club is 4 430 ish this Sunday okay for you like I said I think I have maybee three other people who would go who don’t have a lot of expierience but make up for it in enthusiasm I’m thinking going to make a new thread and Facebook page I think this club shall be dubbed dessert city throwers club or maybee borderland throwers clip I don know I’m not too sure about the name yet

4 on Sunday works for me dude! I like Desert City Throwers

Probably should’ve asked before, but how old is everyone? I’m 23, and it would be pretty weird to show up if everyone was 12 or something :stuck_out_tongue:

Sweet 4:00 on Sunday it is invite your gf or any one else you know who’s intrested in yo-yos I’ll get a face book page up see if I can get a few more people to come this is gonna be greats desert city throwers I think we’re literally the first yoyo club in El Paso history woo hoo

Oh you no what this is super bowl Sunday do you mind if we hold the meet next Sunday that we might be able to get a higher turnout/ I have more time to prepare

Yeah man, next Sunday works fine too, gives me time to learn more tricks also. Let me know when the group is up, it’ll be quicker to talk on Facebook

Great man I let you know when I get the page up

Awesome, can’t wait

So any progress on making the page? We don’t really have very many details to fill in, just need to make a group page so everyone can meet each other and start talking

Ok it’s up www.facebook.com/desertcitythrowers

Awesome! I’ll make a group page for us in a little bit, that will be easier for the actual members to talk to each other


Awsome thanks man

Desert City Throwers’ first official meet up is tomorrow if I remember correctly. Anyone that’s from the area and lurking should get in on this

I’m in Albuquerque