Looking for some throwers in San Diego

Looking for some throwers in San diego. Recently started a club that meets the third Sunday of each month. Check us out on facebook, San Diego yoyo club.


Heyo! I’m in Carlsbad/Oceanside area. I don’t currently have a Facebook but I’ll see if it will let me make one this time that’s just for hobby stuff without auto-deleting it. Is there a date set for the next meet?

Hello again not sure I’m replying to the right thread or a message. A lot of this stuff is confusing. But we do meet the third Sunday of every month at 10:30 in Alpine. We meet at www.alpinescasadevida.com

We barbecue up some lunch afterwards and have a good time. I use an email address Alpine.yoyo.club@gmail.com

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Checking if the San Diego Yo-Yo Club is still active? Saw a Facebook group and reached out. Interested in traveling through the area and wanted to see what the Yo-Yo scene is like and any Yo-Yo shops that should be on the list to visit.

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Yeah the Alpine one by Cafeinbed is active. Here’s the Facebook page: San Diego Yo-Yo Club

Sweet! I’m gonna try to be there this Sunday!

We will stop by this Sunday too before heading on toward Arizona.


Man are you spending more than the nats weekend here? I wouldn’t think anyone would want to subject themselves to extra days in the heat. I don’t have much of a choice, but figured most folks wouldn’t be planning any extra days.

Thanks for the info! I heard it is hot in Arizona! I am based out of New Mexico and will be at Nats just for a few days. Loaded the car up with lots of water for the trip. This summer I have been traveling across a lot of desert.


I’ll be out in Alpine this weekend. Weather looks nice around 80F, maybe a bit breezy.

Look forward to seeing some new faces!

Awesome! See ya in Alpine. And hey small world I learned Lindy Loops from your tutorial just a few weeks ago!


Glad to hear about the tutorial - Lindy Loops is a great old school trick and one of my early tutorials

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My ride fell through and uber rates put me towards $150 round trip so I gotta rain check and aim for the next one, but hope folks have fun.

I missed it too - Lost phone signal in the canyon - after hitting a dirt road we decided to turn back & head toward Arizona - did like the the “neighborhood watch” missile installation in the canyon

Bummer, we’re only a mile past that. I didn’t give you the address?

No worries. We had a lot of road to cover on Sunday. Hope to meet some of the throwers in Arizona this week.

We will be there. I’m going to compete in the over 40 category for snicks


We have made a map of the yoyo community and hope it will help you.World YoYo Social Community Map