El Paso throwers

High I’ve been throwing for bought a year now down in El Paso and was wondering if there were any other throughers here of so let me know maybee we can start a little local yoyo club

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DUDE NO WAY!!! I thought I was alone!

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Have you guys even been to mckelligon canyon?
I used to hike/climb there all the time when I was stationed at fort bliss
The top of that mountain is pure serenity lol

Yeah, my girlfriend and I hike in there all the time, my favorite spot is a pretty steep hike up to this little cave about 3/4 of the way up, but the view is awesome.

Getting to the top of the Franklin Mountains is a whole other story! The view is mind blowing, but the words I have to describe the effort required don’t belong on this site

Where I’m climbing my buddy is taking the picture from inside r the cave, and the picture of me standing on that rock is directly on top of the cave where I climbed over. It would have been an easy hike but the climb was more exciting lol. The top is beautiful. I have also climbed the other side to the top. There isn’t any walking involved in that, and only a couple places to take a break. Pretty intense.

This is at the top, super windy up there lol

Yeah man! That cave is a great rest spot and viewing area, I thought I recognized the background a bit! The area the canyon is in is just nice in the first place. That theater area is pretty cool too, especially when they do those free open air movies, it’s super calm in there at night

Yeah I always wanted to catch an event there. But I can’t complain, my off time as a 19yo in El Paso was chock full of excitement haha.

Lol, I’m not one for the night life, but I have to admit, El Paso can be pretty fun if you know your way around

I know studio 69 and the Jaguar club were the main places of intrest when I was there. Don’t know if they are still open, just being there for a year I watched clubs change names multiple times.
It’s not a bad thing your not one for the night life, it is an easy city to get in trouble.
It’s where I aquired my first arrest
And my 2nd
And my 3rd haha
In fact, if I wasn’t military I might still be there, in jail lol

Lol, I know that feeling :stuck_out_tongue: yeah, as far as I know, Jaguars is still around, or at least the physical building is, and I think I’ve heard of studio 69, but I’ve never seen it.

I can definitely see the appeal of the night life around here, but I love sleep too much, couple that with work and college, and my leisure time is at a premium

That’s awesome man, the appeal might be tempting but it is best that you stay busy with positive things. It is easy to get sucked into negative stuff down there, best to just keep away from it ;D

Yep, you kinda hit a point in maturity when you realize that the rest of your life depends on how you are acting. Deep life discussions aside, OP has gone missing. Maybe I scared him off with my enthusiasm about finding the one other person around here who actually does yoyo tricks

Exactly man, I made a lot of bad choices at a young age and it is been really tough to get out of that hole, it built character tho lol.
And I was just thinking that about the OP, I hope it wasn’t because he has never been to mckelligon canyon haha hopefully you get to talk to him, I would love to know another thrower in my area.

Wow This GREAT I go to sleep alone in my throwing wake up and now there are actually other people who yoyo here wow this is awsome love to no a little bit more about you guys how long you’ve been throwing what’s your mane style etc.

Whats up man? I live on the West side over near Sunland Park. I’ve been throwing about a month now, just began reliably landing a double or nothing and man on a trapeze and his brother, learned how to combo it together too, so IMO, I learn pretty quick. I’m a 1A thrower, since I don’t have much experience, but 5A looks super fun, as well as 4A, but I don’t think I have the hand eye coordination for the twohanded styles

Awsome man I live on the northeast on Hercules and Solaris I’ve been yoyoing a little more than a year I actually do manly 4a (those jetset eggs are awesome) and do some 1a two man it’s great to find another yoyore in El Paso man this is awsome any way I usally throw Jetset eggs and my horizon how about you

I’m a massive fan of the CLYW Gnarwhal 2, and the MonkeyfingeR Caesar I own, but I like to work in my One Drop Code 2 Argonaut, CLYW Puffin 2, and RecRev Octave 3… sometimes the DMII I have, but it’s mainly looking pretty on the shelf these days, I really should play with it more often.

Anyway, yeah, it’s great to see that someone actually yoyos in El Paso, I’m trying to get my girlfriend into it, but she only practices once in a while. I bought her a One Star and she seems to be interested a bit more, I just taught her how to do a simple bind yesterday

If you guys hook up and start playing you need to shoot a yoyo video on top of the canyon! Maybe launch a cheap Offstring yoyo down it? lol

That would be a cool spot to shoot a video, but I would probably need to work on some combos so it’s not just OP running through what he knows while I’m just running through the intermediate trick list

I would be down to see what happens to a cheap Duncan off string when it gets launched down the side of the canyon :stuck_out_tongue:

A cheap Duncan…
Or this :wink: