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Does anyone have any knowledge of whether there will be a brand new run of ehs at any point in the future.

They look like the beez kneez of fixed axles. The shape, the design, the weight and the types of wood used just make the whole package look amazoid.


I believe the eH has been a once a year run, usually released in December. I have a 2015 version, and, it is the bees knees.

Based on the hype around 2015 and 2016, I’m expecting any future releases to be near impossible to miss, unless you wind up stranded on a desert island with no wifi or cell signal.


Yeah, like French said, it’s typically been an end of the year release. I’m guessing it will continue this year, but I don’t think anything has been discussed yet as far as wood type/shape etc.

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i was going to ask the same Q. thanx for asking. i too will be on the lookout

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Andre, Colin, and I usually chat around September to see if all parties are down to do it again and how/whether we might change it. I never expected to get to do ONE production run of the eH, let alone the five we’ve done at this point. Surreal and unbelievable that it has lasted like this. If we WERE to do it again, what would people like to see changed.

Don’t say bearings.


I would like to see it made from Lignum Vitae


Only because you asked…

  1. Chamfer or round off the rims. I know you made it sharp on purpose to get a little extra rim weight out there but it’s not worth it to me. It would be really easy to kick up the comfort to the next level. Just personal preference. I did it myself to the 2014 version.

  2. Maple?


I know I’ve talked to you about what I think would be cool, as well as Andre…and Colin ;D

But I think it’d be cool to have a maple eH. Maybe the “eH Classic” model, as Maple has long been used in fixed axle yoyos. Maple is easy to work with, sturdy, breaks in real nice, and could be “cheap” as well. May allow for a larger, but lower priced, run of eH’s to let more people in on the fun :slight_smile:

Love the current shape of the past few eH’s, Love the axle system that Colin came up with. But would love a maple version ;D


same. I’d love to support some quality fixed axle players by getting a quality yoyo, but $85 is a lot of money. A run of more affordable maples would be sweeeeet!


Last year they were more because of the exotic woods. Previous years they’ve been between $35-50.


oh that’s way in my budget. sorry, I’ve only been around for the last year, so I didn’t know about earlier years ;D

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second that

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As mentioned I haven’t even thought about bringing it up to Colin or Andre yet, but the maple idea is a good one. In the beginning, we liked using oak because that was what the original was made from and maple was so common. But now it feels kind of unique and interesting to make an eH from that lol.
It would be cool to do a larger set of maple along with a very few higher end hardwoods.

Always cool to hear ideas about where this yoyo should go. :slight_smile:


Maybe a run with a larger number of the exotic choices available. I think if more were made of each type they’d still get gobbled up. The ebony was beautiful.


I like the ideas of both maple and Lignum vitae, although, I’m not sure how the latter would affect price. Really, I’m up for maple due to it being the ‘classic’ fixed axle wood, and, really any other wood that has an interesting grain pattern. I like my wood yoyos to start life pretty and then get beautiful through use!


As a fellow musician, I think it would be cool to have some painted, or finished to resemble some classic guitar styles, (black and white strats, maybe a Gibson style burst finish) I think it would be unique, and they would look cool as they start to wear, like an old relic instrument… Just an idea



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Mate, if it was made of lignum vitae it would feel like a rock on the string.

Very hard woods tend to be very heavy woods too.

If it’s just hardness you’re going for, try Australian buloke. It’s harder than lignum vitae.


A laminate would be really nice. Also it should be set up to be able to do Spirit Bomb and Shoot the Moon on consecutive throws… also I can’t do Spirit Bomb on a fixie, so it should come with those tricks pre-installed.

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LOL. I was going to say it should come with tricks preinstalled