PockeHt 1st Release & More to come!

We always end the year with one of our favorite releases - the eH in honor of Ed Haponik’s dedication to fixed axle play. And this year @edhaponik and @colinleland truly outdid themselves.

We proudly present the PockeHt!

Small release tomorrow morning to catch the XMas last minute ship date with more to come!

Spins great, flips easy, shoots the moon all day, and (if you ever want to take it off your finger) slips into your jeans pocket no sweat!


Hahaha I wish I could take any credit for how rad this thing turned out besides whacking my yo-yo on the ground and shaving it down to a slimline. Colin is an absolute mad scientist magician - I just get to PLAY the thing! :rofl:

In all seriousness, it blows my mind how his craft and ingenuity and Andre’s vision have led to the eH being refined and revisited again and again. I’m elated, humbled, and just really lucky to have had the support of those guys (along with Steve Buffel) and that of so many amazing folks in the community. The fact that players can appreciate a yo-yo like this, where it comes from, and what it offers is not lost on me. <3


Super excited! Are there weight measurements for the different woods?

Does this use the standard TMBR axle or is it thinner?

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Standard woodthread axle. :blush:


Yeah - got the average weight - had to weigh quite a few to average out see since it does vary about +/- 1 to 2 grams for each model with the variation in the woods.

Maple: ~51 grams
Cherry: ~42 grams
Oak: ~55 grams


I would like to give another special thanks & shout out to @colinleland at TMBR as he really pushed hard to get these done so we could get them out still in 2020 (and we all have kids at home and trying to split the time between work/kids all while at home is a struggle to say the least!) He is a fixed axle hero. (And that he also continues to strive to keep fixed axle play available and so interesting for the modern player is huge).

The story behind eH is a special one to me in that Ed has shown that playing yoyo has so much depth to it… We all approach yoyo in many ways and to each of us is it carries different meaning. Our escape, our hobby, our sport, our moment of zen, etc. And I think Ed captured and better illuminated this for me when he set out to throw wood for a full year.

If you haven’t seen Ed’s original blog all about his journey this was the ending post - but its totally worth going back to read his posts leading into it!


I’m in and got my oak eh!


Oh man, the big engraving got me! I hadn’t seen that and didn’t expect it. Looked great, had to buy. Will come back to look for the minimalist eH engraving in future, because that looks fantastic too.


27 Minutes and the Maples are gone. Think there were 25 to start.

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Torn between the maple and oak but went with my initial gut feeling and got the oak.

Really looking forward to its arrival!


The oak might not look as good as the maple but I feel like it’s going to play the best


I know for us Fixed Axle players out there, this is “THE” drop of the year. When I logger in at 10am it looks like there were a total of 75. After an hour looks like there are only 17 left. That’s a lot of wood in an hour, and it looks like a lot of players are having a Fixed Axle Friday Christmas this year.



I totally set an alarm to get one today. So excited!

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and then there where only 5 more left…


I can feel the smell…
Actually, does wooden yoyos smells like chopped dry wood?

And they are gone! Congrats @colinleland and @edhaponik! 75 fixies in 4.5hrs! Quite impressive!

Super excited to try the Oak!

Will there be a rainbow spectra version in the future, or are the spectras all different this year?


spectras this year are (drumroll)…
Tiger KeHng, Purplesaurus ReHx, and Turbo Bumble BeH!!!
(or, y’know whatever @AndreBoulay decides to call em lol - regardless they all look RAD!)

And thanks everyone (again)!!! <3


Tiger KeHng could be the yoyo of the year!

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Everyone is in for a real treat the PockeHt is really great. It has been the only fixed axle I’ve thrown since I got it a couple weeks ago. (Before my inbox gets flooded, I bought jeans from Steve Buffel, a Maple PockeHt is included with them)