The "eh" thread.

Figured this would be started eventually. By the time my ordering ability popped up, there were already 5 gone. But I surely have one on the way. Had to spring for the fedex 2 day shipping because I’m quite impatient with this particular release.

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Got one!

Boom… so excited.

I joined in on the fun. Picked one up, :slight_smile:

i was impatient and ordered a no jive instead a week ago… but if theres still some ehs around after the holidays i might be too tempted.

I saw that “YoyoExpert” engraved on it. YoyoExpert Edition wood. I picked one up. :slight_smile:

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Is this one gonna make your fabled YYE edition case?

No. The wood are in a separate wood case for now. I thought of finding a red stain and putting one in there though. :wink:

That would be pretty sweet. One half dark, one half red?

You got it! I don’t trust myself to stain it though. :stuck_out_tongue: So, that project is on ice.

It’s honestly not real hard to stain. I used to help my mom stain furniture when I was a kid, can’t be much different, just a much smaller application.

Yeah, maybe if I got a piece of test wood the same color, and practice to see how many coats to apply, to get a desired shade. :-\

I’m sure you’ll provide pics if you take on this endeavor, I’d like to see how it turns out.

How many did you pick up on this release?

Well, this is just poor timing for me. Been waiting for the re-release of the Eh, and now that it’s here I’m low on money due to Christmas shopping. Hopefully they stay in stock for another week or so.

Regardless, I’m a bit bummed to see they switched up the design so much. Not trying to bash it at all, so don’t get me wrong. I just really liked the super clean design of the original. I’m sure the new axle system is awesome, and I know the ability to reverse the shape to an imperial or pagoda is really great, but that super clean look is taken away as a result. Doesn’t mean I’m not buying one if they stay in stock though, because it still does look nice, and then I can say, “effin’ eh, man, effin’ eh.”

Anybody have an ordinal Eh they’d like to sell/trade???

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If I am understanding correctly, the original production was only like 30 or 40 pieces. I’ve been searchng for one and not yet found it, haven’t found a 2013 model either. Oh well, I’m glad to have seen they made 120 pieces this year, maybe they’ll last long enough for me to recover from Xmas spending and pick up one for display/if mine ever gets serious damage. Besides, TA has got me thinking about staining one now…

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I bought 2 last night. Reading that they will not be made again had me want a couple. The original eH’s are becoming my favorite yoyos, wanted to make sure I’d have them to play for a long time. So if one gets damaged to where I can’t play it I’ll have a back up :slight_smile:

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The stats show some minor differences, but the pictures of the EH sure look like the pictures of the Moxon.

When my new Eh gets here I’ll take some side-by-side pictures for comparison.

I’ve got three Ehs making the long journey to Australia :smiley:

if I get some Xmas cash I’ll pick one up. :slight_smile: