efreet - FIRE YOYO !!! EDIT Dec 08: 3 new colours!

too many silver yoyos around in my opinion.
go for black and green forsure

Some random picture of the black/red acid wash. Hope you like it.
Website is in development.

I am still a bit delayed by my factory which is very unfortunate ;( Doing my best to put them out there ASAP.


Those washes look great! I can’t wait to see the fire one :wink:


Can’t wait for the fiery one!

You will be able to Test and buy prototypes of the fire yoyo (at a discounted price of course) at WYYC. Ask Stanislav Bozhanov (stenly) for more information.

So one day I was bored and I wanted to set my old Duncan metal drifter on fire. link to pictures> http://imgur.com/qSNZFMy,HfKYHoF,bsbYUcK,UgrDJco,IG5S5Oy,OGf69bY,4rvMO6m,Raq9pb2,IDqqbAa,cfysP26,Ih3hluf,TjjC0tu,h1S43A4,Vfr1Tf5,NVN5PeI,Ss48vj3,iklgkPO,0vbziWs,TgzdFKQ,g4A3bGt#19

Any updates?

Production time has been very slow due to the complexity of the fire yoyo. But there are good news!

The fire yoyos are almost ready! The only thing left is engraving and they are good to go. The 7075 normal yoyos are far from ready at this point unfortunately. I am trying my best :slight_smile:

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First pics of 100% finished yoyos - efreet Fire YoYo Black with all the stacks, efreet 56 Green/Black acid wash.
These pictures don’t give justice to the beautiful boxes.

Stay tuned! YoYos are almost ready!

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How much?

Fire yoyo - approx 150$ (kevlar gloves, stacks, instructions, strickers, wooden box included)
efreet 56 (non-fire, standard size 7075 aluminium yoyo) - approx 99$
efreet 64 (same as the above, but the size of the fire yoyo, i.e. 64 diam) - approx 109$

Fire yoyo comes in black and silver, normal stacks are different random colors.
efreet 56, 64 will come in 5 different splash colors - green/black, red/black as in the pictures and 3 more colourways which you can see pictures of soon :slight_smile:

Any more questions - happy to answer :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: When am I getting one??


I am very happy to finally introduce our website! There are still some things to be added (like the fire yoyo pictures, probably tomorrow) but since I did most of it today, I decided to share :slight_smile:



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This company contacted me today to do reviews on their products. Looking forward to trying them out although the fire one scares the heck out of me. No behind the head Eli Hops with this one, I like my ears where they are. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the comment! It is a bit scary at first :slight_smile: After that it becomes addicting. You can always wear gloves which significantly reduces the “scared” feeling. Will post an instructional video in a couple of days.

This is so cool. You should work with OD to make fire SEs.

That is a great idea! I was actually thinking about that, but it would have been another 6 months development. Maybe the next run :slight_smile:

Fire yoyos pictures are up! Go to https://www.facebook.com/efreetFireYoYo and check the latest news :slight_smile:

Some reviews are up. Check the facebook page for updates on release.