Efreet 56: A High Speed YoYo Review

So about a month ago a new yo-yo company named Efreet, based out of Bulgaria, contacted me about reviewing their new line of yo-yos. Martin Antonov formed the company in early 2014 after he sold his successful yo-yo retail store YoYoBulgaria. For Martin, it was only natural to transition from the retail business to the manufacture his own product. Now none of this is unusual for me, I have had new manufacturers in the past contact me to take a look at their yo-yos. What was unusual was how he got my attention. After the obligatory introduction sentence, Martin started off his e-mail with “We have created the first unresponsive, long spin yoyo that can be lit on fire*, where no special string is needed.” Ok, you have my attention. He let me know after that initial sentence that he also had two “normal” yo-yos, including the one being reviewed today, that he has also designed and wanted to send all three for review. Ok, now that the company has piqued my curiosity it is time to see what this new company brings to the table.

*emphasis is mine

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Looks to be releasing for $99 and available around Christmas time according to Martin over at Efreet.

I would agree that price is an important factor but at the same time we have seen that it does always make a lick of difference. Some will buy no matter what the cost.

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Hey there, I just discovered this topic.

This is a 7075 aluminum yoyo and it will sell for 99$.

Pictures of 3 new colors are coming soon and I will be ready for release. I will be posting them on our facebook page: