efreet - FIRE YOYO !!! EDIT Dec 08: 3 new colours!

Hey everyone,
I have been posting twice on the forum about the idea for a fire yoyo. Well after 7 months of development, this “idea” is now in production and expected to be ready for shipping around late March, early April.
The efreet will come in 3 flavours: original efreet fire yoyo, efreet lite (same, non-fire), efreet s (same as lite, but regular size).
I still cannot give out pricing, but the efreet lite and efreet s will probably be the most affordable 7075 aluminium yoyos on the market - quality is still amazing (Aluminium made in Germany).
If you are interested, please like our facebook page as it will get updated with pictures and videos as the project unfolds in the next month (there is a very nice video made by Biser Lukich and myself, where you can see the yoyo in action).

Any questions, comments, suggestions? Feel free to ask.

EDIT 1: First Concept ArtWork


EDIT 2: Second Concept ArtWork


Can’t wait to try this out.
Great idea!!!

Pretty cool man I just hope you have some kinda insurance you might get sued if something bad happens with using it


Lol. Love it. Really want one.

I always wanted one of these when they had them at insert other store. I may buy one.

Hey everyone. Thanks for the kind comments :slight_smile: I would like to answer all questions and probably get a discussion going on the new concept :slight_smile: Please join our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/efreetFireYoYo . Concept Art Work coming up soon :wink:

Our yoyo hasn’t been released yet. If you mean another fire yoyo that appeared a while back, we are aiming at making playing with a fire yoyo as easy as possible - no glove and no special string will be required. Setting it up should be quite easy :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: You will get the chance soon enough I hope :slight_smile:

Hey Dylan,
You made a very good point there. Personally, I, can’t get sued because I live in Europe, but the stores selling it could. This is why sending this yoyo to the states is a bit tricky. I will have to research your laws a bit more. I find it strange that even if there is a nice big Warning! sign and a thorough instruction which clearly indicates how and where the yoyo should be played (i.e. outside, always have a friend with a bottle of water with you etc…) someone can still get sued. I am positive that I am going to find a workaround this problem. BTW how are people playing and buying fire POI and staff in the states?

Thanks! Will keep you posted. You can see all the new information on the facebook page - it will be regularly updated with lots of pictures of the boxes, raw yoyos, straight from the factory, coatings, engravings, art work and so on.

When we are on the topic of art work - brace yourselves. It will be amazing :wink:

That looks crazy awesome! Or is it awesomely crazy? Either way, I want one!


. Honestly man its a great idea I’m just lookin out for you people are jerks even if there is a warning but I like the idea


What are the specs anyway?

Soon… :slight_smile:

First Concept ArtWork added. See first post :slight_smile:

As you know… I seriously can’t wait

That art makes me want it more!

Ohhh I mean another fire youo. It was from 3-4 years ago.

Second concept art added :slight_smile:

PS: You will love the boxes for the yoyos - wooden and 100% handmade. I will try to make some pictures and upload them in the near future.


I didn’t want to release any pictures yet, but it has been a while since I uploaded anything (my factory really delays me, now 2 months). I decided to give you at least something.

64 diam
50 width
weight ? (can’t give you specific weight now. It feels heavy, but not too heavy :slight_smile: )

There will be a smaller - identical version (shape and colours) 56 diam - more of a standard shape for those of you who are not fans of big and heavy.

THE YOYO THAT YOU SEE IS NOT FINAL - colours WILL BE DIFFERENT, it will be engraved also. Quality of the photo is really bad.


I accept colour suggestions :slight_smile: I will tell you what I have in mind after you share some options.

Also… the boxes are nearly finished. Look at the non-crossed ones.


Looks amazing!

You should do something similar to that color way in green.
That would be awesome

You mean the blue/black should be green/black instead? Yes I was planning that as well :slight_smile:


Also do you have pictures of the fire version?

There will be a green one for sure :slight_smile:

No pictures on the fire yoyo, yet… They can be only in solid colors. What do you think - black, silver or make both?