FIRE YOYO VIDEO!!! efreet Promo

Hey guys,

This is video is a combination of 2 projects - one that presents all the yoyos we make, including the FIRE YOYO, and secondly it is a 10 year yoyo anniversary for me. Hope you enjoy it.

All three models will be released first thing in January 2015. Apologies for all the delays. I would love to hear your comments - this is only the second video I make of my tricks (the first one was in 2007).

Check our latest updates on our facebook page -

Any questions, comments, suggestions, trolls etc. I would love to hear them below.


Also, a couple of interesting images made with the fire yoyo :slight_smile:

DAMN, DUDE!!! That’s one sick fire yo yo! It was about time for us to see a fire yo yo one the market! Nice moves and awesome video!

Good luck with the brand. It looks awesome!

Thanks buddy :slight_smile: