2sickyoyos Presents: The KING Feat. Joey Serrano

(2Sick Joey) #1


Here is my newest video and the official promo video for the 2sickyoyos KING. The is our sophomore release and the first to be offered here on YYE! It will be released July 17th and available in a range of awesome colorways! 2sickshirts will also be available for purchase.

In this video I wanted to lay down some of my newest tricks and also showcase its abilities with a variation of grinds! This is a competition ready yoyo and hope you get the chance to try one :slight_smile:


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(2Sick Joey) #2

Forgot to mention if anyone would like a tutorial on any of my tricks just let me know!


:o need tutorials


This video is dope x4


:o insane stuff, you are one of the best yoyoers I have ever seen!!!

How long have you been yoyoing?

(2Sick Joey) #6

That’s quite the compliment! Must’ve only watched one video lol :smiley:

I have been yoyoing since 2008…It has been forever it seems


You could seriously win some contests with that stuff, you should compete!!! ;D


Not if you get the nerves :wink:

I kid, Joey :slight_smile: