October 2012: Joey Serrano X DEADLY SpINS

(2Sick Joey) #1

Hey Guys!

Made a new video to show some stuff I’ve been working on and some random things that i ended up catching on film. I used many tricks with towers incorporated. Hope to make some more videos in the upcoming months.

The DEADLY SpINS Wrath drops very soon here at YYE(another drop within the next month or so) and have the money ready cause it is an amazing yoyo. Also using Big Yoyo String which is awesome as well.

Hope you Enjoy!!!

*Updated with a clean song and slight clip editing!

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P.S- Don’t mind the messy room  :wink:


Nice,very nice.


Inb4 sponsor

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Great video!

Just a little vulgar though…

(2Sick Joey) #6

Yea i guess the song is a little vulgar. I edited to OG post with a disclaimer.

(2Sick Joey) #7

Re-uploading it now with a different song that is clean :slight_smile:

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Woohoo! Big Yoyo String :wink:

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bump this one again