Edition: Aspen seasonal delays


it’s here it’s here it’s here it’s here


THE DROP IS LIVE, over half of the slots are filled!

Thank you for your support!

For pre-orders, there will be a signed photo with a personal note from Adrian as well as a 3D printed case to hold your Aspen. Videos and other content is coming very soon!


I want to address something many have asked about: Where is the Takumi artwork, when will it be dropped? What happened?

Although there is no epic tale chronicling the disappearance of Takumi the reality of the matter was that the man got sick and was unable to work on the project for the drop date. We were all a bit in the dark about it as he was MIA due to being bedridden battling away the flu.

However! I am happy to say that Takumi is back in action and has been putting in ovetime to make sure his artwork and this drop gets a revitalized push for the coming week!

Although we are not ready to share finalized product renders nor the artwork, I would like to share some of the quick renders that have just been finished out tonight.

Please note: In these renders we rendered out the grey and pink incorrectly and that the finalized product renders will be correctly adjusted!

I look forward to share more toward the end of this week! Thank you, seriously, for the immense amount of support and trust in this release!


so C O O L !

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We are hard at work to make sure it will be as cool as we can make it!

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saw the pink version via (redacted) looks fire af

The pink is supposed to be blasted haha, just a bit of an oops in working too fast to make sure we get this done on time.

Ah! Thought to be polished but hey its mad decent to look at, curious to see with the engraving!

Here we are. In the late hours of the night, forging artwork, cooking up renders and making sure this page has a revitalized push. The moment many folks had been waiting for:

Introducing the @takumisegi artwork Aspens
“For the Culture, For the Homies”

These took a lot of work and I cannot thank Takumi enough. Pulling late hours into the night and going above and beyond, flowing with our hectic craziness of art direction (and the lack of it).



As of now the Aspen production order has been placed!

For folks who still want the additional pre-order goodies, the slots will remain up while supplies last.

Thank you for making this possible!


A little update: Due to CNY and the spring festival no new updates about production of the Aspen. Just wanted to update folks as folks deserve to stay in the loop :smile: