Ed Haponik is Supersonic!

(JonasK) #1

You might have noticed this already, but ed (Ed Haponik) is too awesome for the regular red name. He has a black, professional name.


:o insane


I dont get it. What do you mean?

EDIT: I see. Super awesome!!!


Awesome. And he is.

(ed) #5

i’m sorry? this sounds pretty complimentary, but i don’t actually all-the-way understand.

edit: oh. uh… ok now i do. :smiley:
thanks for the heads up. i’ll try to conduct myself, um… professionally?


Well, you are extremely suberbly ninja-likely extra and really awesome, as well as a professional yoyoer.

As a result of such, you get to have the word “professional” under your name :slight_smile:

(J. Lev) #7

Well deserved, methinks.

(Mikey) #8

Next he should get his own theme song!

(ed) #9



Bad video, but lol. I love how you found something to use. :stuck_out_tongue: