Ed Haponik about Tom Kuhn and the new "Eh"


recently, I sat down with Ed Haponik to talk about his new role inside Tom Kuhn Yoyo. In my interview he not only explained what drew him towards this traditional company but also what to expect from them in the future. Also he talked about his times at SPYY and Werrd. Of course we covered the “77 Rules of Yoyo Players” project that he did with John Higby as well.

And finally he mentioned that there is a new “Eh” coming and why he thinks it’s the best incarnation of it so far.

It’s all in this interview with Ed, featuring his 2 month old son Silas :slight_smile:




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Awesome! Thanks Ed and gNNY!

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Very cool :slight_smile:

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A couple of comments:

Great interview. Thanks to all involved for bringing that to us. I’m a huge fan of both Tom Kuhn and Ed Haponik, so this was really a treat.

Ed, that’s a seriously good baby. My kids would have interjected far more often.

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Thanks guys! Great to talk with you Andreas. There’s nothing like spending time talking about yourself to help you realize how LUCKY you are and how many OPPORTUNITIES you’ve had.

Hahaha! Thanks! He was in that milk-coma, but yeah he’s a super good baby!

Ed…I don’t want to take away from the new eH release, however is TK planning anything with you? Another Play Simply No Jive?

Say “yes.” Say “yes.” Say “yes.”

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Awesome interview!
Your interview with Ray from MonkeyFinger was great too all 42 minutes of it!
I just got my CaesaR from Ray , I will be unboxing it tonight, super excited

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“The sound of bells tinkling.”

Or something.

I even learned a new word out of that vid. Thanks again Ed and Andreas :smiley:

Love your thinking face @15:06

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… “Yeah.”

(I mean “Mm-hmm.”)

The suspense surrounding this release is killing me, eh!