eBay question - in the middle of a WEIRD transaction

Here it is, step by step -

  • bought 2 yoyos on eBay

  • one was not as advertised

  • we agreed on an amount for a partial refund of the total auction price, but he says he has to Paypal me directly. He says that eBay is withholding the funds that I sent to purchase the yoyos until I give him feedback. Once I give him feedback, eBay will release the funds to him and he could re-fund me. I questioned that, and he responded by telling me to send him my paypal address to he could just pay me $20. eBay doesn’t allow that - I did try, even writing out the “at” and “dot”, but eBay caught it!

  • his feedback on eBay is fine. At first I thought he was just trying to persuade me to give good feedback…maybe he’s just afraid of getting his first poor feedback.

Can eBay actually withhold someone’s funds they get from selling something? I paid via Paypal. That just seems weird.

Thanks in advance -

There have to be other ways of giving him your PayPal address. It seems legit except for the initial “not as described”. He’s willing to refund BEFORE the feedback, but just needs the address.

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Just curious - have you ever heard of eBay withholding a sellers winnings that are paid to the seller’s account via Paypal?

Not only curious about that re: this transaction, but curious in general.

I’ve only bought-- never sold-- on eBay, so I couldn’t say for sure.


I coded my email in a more extreme, but still clear, way, and it went through. Hopefully, he will decode it easily! :slight_smile:

You could make it super spy like and send him an email just to help him decode it ::slight_smile:

His/her paypal account should have a record of your payment and an option to get order details, which then he/she can give you a partial refund without your involvement at all. No involvement through ebay at all, and 100% legit.

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I’ve never heard of ebay withholding payment pending feedback.

Yes they can, but only in extreme situations where there have been problems in the past.

In this case, his assertion that you need to leave him feedback before he can refund you is ludicrous. Ebay has no interest in withholding funds and block a resolution to this problem. Regardless of whether ebay is withholding funds or not, the bank account on record can supply funds as can a credit card.

Do NOT leave feedaback until the transaction has been concluded successfully. Your feedback on the transaction is your ONLY leverage with this seller.


^^^ Agreed.

Paypal can withhold funds in some cases. Newer eBay sellers for example. I’ve over 1000 transactions on eBay, mostly selling, and have never heard of anything about feedback having to do with payment processing. You could though just send an inquiry to eBay stating the situation.

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Thanks, everyone. He made things right, in the right order, so all is well.

Really appreciate everyone’s responses - they’re all going straight to my brain’s hard drive :slight_smile:

Glad it worked out right.

Ebay can and does hold money for newer sellers or sellers in what they classify ‘high risk’ categories, i.e., those with several returns, charge-backs, condition complaints, etc across the entire category in ebay. They will hold the money until 3 days after a tracking number shows delivery with no complaint filed or until the buyer leaves positive feedback. The ebay community section has many threads about them withholding funds until 1 of those 2 conditions are met even on people with 100% positive feedback; all for ebay’ers protection. :smiley:

Sounds like they just didn’t have the extra in paypal to refund you until your was released to them.

Ask for his email, email him yours and ask him to send you the money via PayPal gift. Simple.

Well, not quite so simple (if you read the bit about eBay being very good at catching coded emails in their communication system) but as has been said, it has already been done and taken care of to my satisfaction.