Easy lookin hard tricks or opposite?

I learned the magic trick today so a thought came to my mind that what are the tricks that look really easy but are very hard and some are looking really hard but when you try are easy.

Look hard but easy. Magic trick

Looks easy but is hard. Kwyjibo.

Magic drop comes to mind right away. Who would have thought such a basic looking move could bring so many hours of frustration?

Learning magic drop is like a right of passage that we all have to endure at some point. The hazing ritual of the yoyo world. :stuck_out_tongue:

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anything that Sebastian Brock does fits this category perfectly…

Boing-e-boing looked easy but it was a pain in the Butt to learn

Yuuki slack looked hard, but it was pretty simple steps and took me just a little to learn it.

100% this… It certainly is magic… Should be called dark magic drop.

Paprika by Janos Karancz is actually really easy contrary to what people probably think…

Chuck’s stuff is actually REALLY hard to learn because even though his movements LOOK normal, they are actually really difficult. Maider’s stuff looks pretty hard but usually it’s on the easier side to learn.

Yeah magic drop is at top and same with boingy.

Pretty much all 2A is way harder than it looks.

4A is kinda the opposite. Stuff like orbits and whip catches look super tricky, but I found myself nailing them on Day 1 (consistency was another story).

Eli Hops is harder than it looks to learn.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I had a REALLY easy time with magic drop. Spirit Bomb was something else…

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I think speed and execution play a big role in making a trick look cool and difficult. At the same time, a difficult trick can look easy or boring if there aren’t enough variations in the movements/elements.

I once made this infuriatingly difficult trick where I had to hop the Yo-Yo trough these little triangles, and even when done super smooth, it really didn’t look like much when I watched it back on camera. In contrast, my high speed trick with very little tech but a lot of cool movements looked absolutely crazy.


As Guy wright once said, “It’s not about the tricks you do, It’s about how you do 'em”.

Nah looping looks hard. And you are right about 4a.

For me, I find Zach Gormly’s stuff to look difficult; but is actually easy to learn and preform. He make’s them look very tricky. As for like Gentry’s, his tricks look easy to pull off, but is actually a little difficult to get the hang of. He makes his tricks look good. The principle can be applied to any player, and this analysis is just my take on it. It can be different for other player’s :wink:

Haha I think you have it opposite. Zach’s tricks look hard because they are extremely hard. Gentry’s tricks look easy because they are easy. Gentry’s tricks are for scoring points. Zach’s tricks are for breakin new boundaries.


I really agree with this.

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After 5.5 years I still can’t even pull off a mediocre Seasick. Trapeze follow is pretty tricky to learn. Here’s a big one SNAP START! That took some time to perfect, but now I can do some short combos with the spin I can make.

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Yeah, Seasick is the only trick I’ve put quite a bit of time into but utterly failed to learn.

Oh wait that trick I see iori doing is called trapeze follow? Well that was a waste of trying to learn it