Easiest Caribou Lodge trick??


I’m not exactly an expert so the tricks in the Caribou Lodge Tutorials on Youtube really blow my mind.

Of all of them what’s the easiest?

I think the most difficult trick I can do is either black hops or kwyjibo, and I know that’s not saying much but I did manage to get kwyjibo down in just an hour or two. :stuck_out_tongue:


Peacocking I’m pretty sure. Got it down and smooth in like, 45 minutes.


HA! Nailed it!! Thanks bruv! Don’t know why I didn’t think to try that one!

What do you think about Seth’s Repeaterson ? I’m thinking about trying that one next, but like I said, I still find the tricks in their tutorials rather intimidating ahaha.


Seth’s Repeaterson is a fairly easy trick. I’d say you could probably get it down pretty quickly.


Haven’t learned it yet, but yeah looks easy enough. I really just need to buckle down and learn all the tricks I’ve been meaning to and putting off >.>


It’s a little tough, haven’t really got it down to the full smooth motion yet though.

Hahaha I keep telling myself the same thing.
I just learned the double green triangle two days ago.
Well, that’s not so much procrastination as it is being distracted by Ann Connolly’s cuteness but you get the idea xD


Spaceship is pretty easy


I know, I wish she had more than the what, 3 or 4 tutorials? Not counting the slusny ones.


Brazilian whip and Boyscout slack are fairly easy.

(__kmart__) #10

The first part of Sebby’s killer klockwork kombo is pretty easy


Roll Up The Rim is definitely the easiest.


For some reason I just can’t get the 1.5 mount pull away thing. I may not be pulling hard enough but I can never get it to do the full around the world to trapeze thing, it always falls maybe half way through.
Also; learned Seth’s Repeaterson yesterday. Super fun!


Danny Turtle Poops
Chedder Cheesepuffs and Avocados
3Dimensional Doubley

These are the easiest to learn.


So far I find the easiest to be
Purple Flamingo Catch
Chedda Cheese and Guacamole
and Roll Up the Rim.

Any recommendations?


I believe spaceship is a fairly easy one as well.


Whatever the Stop and Go GT is called.


In case you don’t know CLYW have one of the best super advanced yoyo trick tutorials out there. I know everyone wants to be great! Search them up on YouTube [example(Type in YouTube): CLYW Cabin Tutorial]! So here I show just a few easy CLYW Cabin Tutorial tricks I found easiest to learn. I will update this if necessary(:

Banana Whip
Roll Up the Rim
Sebbys Killer KlockWock
Brazilian Whip Technique
Seth’s Repeaterson