wich trick shud i learn?

i wanna learn a trick but i dont find there any the only i can find realy hard or realy easy

i wanna a trick quite easy i wana something like a combo like

paul rooster combo i know its easy but i could do some others.

this is the rooster combo lol   

i could even do the kota origami takeshi chocolate bucket fred special  and triple tower by chris makita

sorry if there is problems in written there ^^

Go through the tricks on the list here and find one you like. Then just practice it. Even if it seems too hard. You’ll be very happy in the end.

Also, go ahead and learn the easy tricks, they will help you when you are coming up with your own tricks and combos.

ok thanks :slight_smile:

but dont u guys got any vids i just wanna simple but quite hard not realy long

Try hidemasa hook, or a whip like that. Andre has some videos of them.

something like a combo

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Skin the gerbil is a fairly easy combo to learn. You can look through the tricks on the learn section here (like DiscipleforChrist said) and find some combos there, as well as just other fun and good tricks to know.

ok i am going to learn sking the gerbil

learned skin the gerbil lol

Awesome. Now just keep working on some of the other tricks there. Search Youtube some more if you really want. Also:


hahaha, I liked the little part at the end