What do you think is the easiest CLYW cabin tutorial?

Also, what do you think is the hardest? The best looking? The most fun?

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My favourite is definitely Middleclass Pro

my favorite is BBQ sliders. Not too hard to learn but its hard to make look really good. another is peacocking.

The basic Brazilian Whips isn’t hard. Some of the variations are trickier. :wink:

Stop in Go Dat Triangle is fun and easy.

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the first one i learned was starship

roll up the rim is pretty simple and so is mark allens evacuation

BBQ Sliders, Roll up the Rim, Danny’s Turtle Shell Escape, Rancid Milk, and Enigma are all awesome. Rancid Milk and Enigma aren’t that easy to learn though.

i found yukified poutine bucket was easy and spaceship along with brazillian whips.

dude bbq sliders for me is impossible i’ve learned roll up the rim and spaceship

The Baby repeater is not too bad to learn, but pretty hard to get really smooth.

Cool didn’t knew that you can do stop n go with unresponsive yoyo. Are their any other stop n go tricks with unresponsive yoyo?

Yup! You can do a basic stop and go. You just have to get into “bind” position (loop on the correct side for a bind), feed the loop into the gap a little bit (but not enough for a full bind) and then hop it up. Execute rest of normal stop-and-go.

Then there the Broken Sky Bind by Logan Willis:

With a top-down slo-mo I made myself to accompany the tutorial:

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