Dylan Benharris 2010 Vs. 2011

So by now you guys have probably seen my most recent video Dylan Benharris 2011 but what you might not know is that video was actually shot in the same city by the same photographer (Joey Vitalari) as Dylan Benharris 2010 just in different places within the city. Anyways my goal for Dylan Benharris 2011 was to be able to compare the two videos and see the improvement not just in my yoyoing but in the videos themselves and my presence on camera. So basically i need your guys help, I need to see what you guys think when you compare the two videos. What I’m looking for specifically as far as comparisons go is:

Which one had better scene choice?
Which was shot better?
Which had more presence?
Which did you like better?
How did you feel the two videos where made differently?
And finally, Which did you like more?

Dylan Benharris 2010

Dylan Benharris 2011

Your Truly,
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Comments much appreciated