Dylan Benharris 2011

In 2010 I made a video with Joey Vitilari after Cal States to showcase all my new tricks that i had in my arsenal for that year Called Dylan Benharris 2010 well this year I decided to make Dylan Benharris 2011 after Cal States showcasing all my new 2011 trics. I guess the way i see it is im updating my portfolio in a way. There is a big factor in this video compared to the previous one, and that is we really considerd the backdrops and the more artistic side of the video on this one compared to the previous one and I think that it really gives this video just that extra touch that really makes the video so much better. With that i hope you like it, constructive criticizism much appreciated.

Rebel Yoyos Production
Shot by Joey Vitilari
Staring Dylan Benharris
Yoyo Used: HandCandy

Speechless :o

Wowza’s :o

Sweet video Dylan, only constructive thing I can think of is cutting out some of the tricks that look repetitive. That horizontal tangler looking trick for instance. Otherwise, awesome stuff bud :slight_smile: Makes me want to make a legit video.

Dylan, inspiration for days!

Ok, what the heck just happened?

thanks you guys there was a lot of work put into this video i happy you guys like it

we do like it.
you do like horizontals, do you.

pretty nice sir

thats crazy…
but the Heart to Triangle at like :47 was originally Paolo Bueno’s

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Your videos are always awesome, Dylan. Awesome and inspiring tricks, the horizontals are pretty cool, as well.

Which was Lee dae yoels before that. People do stuff and re-use. No prob
Nice stuff, I am amazed how long you can maintain vertax.

Sweet video! But one thing I was always wondering was isn’t the Hand Candy made by Yomerica Spindustries instead of Rebel Yoyos?

dylan this was so sick i saw it at dxl. and watched it like 5 times cuz it was so amazing (with more rewinds of course). your vertax is wayy to sick

ahaha didnt know u were yoyomafia :stuck_out_tongue:

lol this is chang btw.

hey jayyo he does this cuz of his signiature. its amazing for vertax and has almost no tilt. its Hand candy by yomerica spindustries.

Yomerica Spindustries changed their name to Rebel Yoyos. :wink:

Oh, and great vid dude. I told you that 100 times yesterday. Gotta say it again though. ;]

-James Reed


Oh cool, thanks. I didn’t know that. YYE needs to update it then, haha.

The Planet 9 and Hand Candy were made by Yomerica Spindustries which now doesn’t exist some of the people that were involved with Yomerica decided they wanted to keep making yo-yos, so they started Rebel it’s a different company with different yo-yos that will be coming soon

listen good cause Paulo will tell u himself if you asked i invented the trick u want to check my 2004 bac junior championship video its in there and thank you jamie for clearing that up haha i hope you guys are excited for the new yoyos because they are going to be SICK, thank you guys for watching my video too i love all the feedback that im getting u guys rock keep giving me your comments :slight_smile:

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very sweet video…all dylans rule, including me