Gravity by Dylan Benharris


So just recently my video camera broke so i haven’t been able to make any videos but then my dad got a new camera (not a video camera just a regular camera) and he asked me to see how well the camera worked for videos. So i decided that i would make a yoyo video and thats why the video has is so pixely and low quality but anyways please watch and enjoy my poorly edited new clip video.


Agreed mi.Also were a dark shirt and use a light string.


dylan made a video? O.O


Is he the guy from Josh’s PNWR vid? He’s pretty cool. ;D


haha well sorry bout the spelling errors in the vid haha i was just given the yoyo and as a result of recieving the yoyo i was told i had to make a video with it and it just so happen to be that i had very little knowledge of the yoyo haha but the spelling errors is what i meant when i said poorly edited like i noticed all the errors after the video was like finish and i was about to put it on youtube haha and like i said its poorly edited :slight_smile:



Are you the guy from Josh’s PNWR video?


ya thats me why?


You’re awesome.


haha thanks bro

(202andrew) #10

Dylan, i thought you would never make a video. You have such a sick flow to your style, LEGIT.