RARE ITEM DROP - A YYR+CLYW video premiering yours truly! =D

Hi my name is Ben Boulos and I have been teaching myself how to yoyo solely through youtube videos for the past ~3 years and finally got around to making something to show for it. I was hoping to film a bit more variety in terms of locations, tricks, angles etc. however my camera died after ~30 min of recording, bummer :(. Anyways let me know what you guys think, just looking to get some exposure and put myself out on the yoyo’ing scene. If I get some good feedback it’ll give me the motivation to do this again!

Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Youtube link: http://youtu.be/wW2veoGXsvY

Dailymotion link (NOT MUTED): http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2sjkj8


Glad to see you’re enjoying that ReClash! ;D

Nice video. :slight_smile: I’ve been throwing for about the same amount of time completely self taught off youtube as well. Keep up the good work!!

My youtube upload got muted due to copyright claims… dumb

Heres my upload to dailymotion:

Really good stuff :o