My Videos


I made some videos of me doing one yo-yo trick at a time. I know I am not that good but at least I am not terrible. I made these videos awhile ago and I am much better now.  Here they are:

I hope to get as good as this guy:

I am currently making another video, hopefully it is going much better than my other ones.

(Jesse) #2

You have lots of extra code. This happened to me too. Just post the link and it will appear as a video, you don’t have to copy and paste the embed code. It’s Ok, I made the same mistake, and the vids are awesome! How old are you?


I didnt mean to post 3 of each video or post all the writing. Sorry!


I just turned 11 May 2.

(Jesse) #5

It’s OK, no need to say sorry! How long have you been yo-yoing?

Addment: What kind of yo-yo is that?


I have been yo-yoing for about 6 or 7 months.

My yo-yo is a yellow eight/8/eight.