Practice session


This is a video I made with some of my stuff. The quality isn’t the best, no editing or anything.


Any feedback? No?


Really good Wilson




Good job:{)


wow, how many years of yo-yoing?
And what is that yo-yo that you are using?

Excellent job! Keep it up!


I’ve been yoyoing for a little less than 2 years. My 2 year point will be in November. I was using a BTNC Supernova. And thanks!! It really means a lot to me! I also have some new stuff. I’ll make a new video when I can and post it here.

(Kei) #8

Awesome! Really nice and fluid I like it!
What was that first trick you did? I trying to learn a trick that looks similar to that so just wondering.


Nice tricks man!! You are really good!!!
Great vid!


I don’t really know. Just a combo that I made up that starts with a magic then goes into a double hit