Dylan Benharris 2012.... Coming soon



So its almost here you guys my new promo video for 2012. Going to be another great video shot and produced by the one and only Joey Vitilari. Put my blood sweat and tears into this video for sure. Committed a federal offense “shooting in front of an oil refinery” and almost got taken to jail. No biggy my Mom promised to bail us out cause shes cool like that. What can i say she won the atlas award for a reason.

I really do hope you guys enjoy this video though coming out out in the next week roughly.
Can’t wait to see how this year plays out, and for all of you who watched and enjoyed my videos in the past thank you and your comments and opinions if constructive are always welcome.



sholden’t sweet be sweat?


Thanks changed it


ALMOST got into jail? That’s crazy dude.
I’ll be looking forward to the video though.
Still remember me from Cal States right?


Ya it was pretty gnarly and ya of course i still remember you, are you coming this year? I think im going to be there so I will see you there if you go


… where are the missing shoes?

And the insults?


…in the past?