DXL Yoyo Meet! Starring Sam Lopez, Ernie Kaiser, Derek, Me, Elliot, and Glasseye

This video was filmed at the DXL Meeting. Starring Sam Lopez from Team Generalyo, Ernie Kaiser owner of Generalyo, Derek aka Yoyolvr, Myself… James Reed aka Jamesofyoyo, Elliot aka 3aAllDay, and Brian aka Glasseye! This video was put together really fast, so it’s not my best editing, deal with it. :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, hope you like the video!

This is the same video as the one below,
except this one has a different sound track to it.


-James Reed

i wish I lived in Cali… :’(

Loved it! Your trick was great James! :slight_smile:

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woah finaly saw kaiser

Where in cali was that??? I live in nor cal soooooo…

Cerritos. That’s in SoCal.

Thanks Samad, Crocks, and Mista8eight8, glad you guys liked the video! I picked up an Essence Proto at the meet, so expect a review comming up in the next week or two. :wink: Let me just say this, the yoyo plays unique, fast, and has all the good abilities full sized yoyos should have!

-James Reed

me too. beast-mode James!

Looks like you guys had fun. Thanks for posting the video.

Glad you liked the vid Jason. :slight_smile:

where is your dad?

…Why are you asking about my dad? Lol. Anyway, he’s at work right now…

cool tricks, i liked the first one the best…

i dont want to sound like a jerk when i say this… but PLEASE get an actual taste in music… those soundtracks sounded like they were both picked by 12 year old girls… sorry

Well if you don’t like the music then turn the volume off… sorry, that’s the best I could say to you. I liked the music, and my friends liked it. And I’m sorry but I fail to see how you think 12 year old girls like hard rock… Usually I do pick softer sound tracks to my solo videos like alternitive, or pop rock. But I felt that scince it was a group of yoyoers, it went well with it. Don’t want to sound like a jerk either. Anyway, glad you liked the tricks. :slight_smile:

-James Reed

you said he came to the meet and bought an essence

Oh yeah. Sorry, it threw me off cause I said my dad bought an Essence in a different thread. Anyway, like I said, he’s at work right now, and will be back home in a while. Why do you want to know where he is?

Allow me to be more clear,

where is he in the VIDEO?

hey guys do you know when the next meeting is.
i live in irvine
i wanted to go to that meet but i had a sports tournament that day T^T
…so none of you guys know me cuz im kidna new i guess…i havent been to a tournament yet or made a vid(too bz…) or been to a meet so just an introduction
my name is chang
im a sophmore
ive been yoyoing for about 9 months
and i hope to meet up with some people and learn stuff and share tips and more. :]
btw main yoyo is superstar/888/meteor i change depending on how i wanna play but mostly super
i also do 1a but i can do 3a (minimal…need longer sleeping yoyos…miens too light right now) 4a and 5a

My dad was at the DXL meeting, but he wasn’t in the video lol! He dosn’t yoyo. :slight_smile:

That’s fine, lots of new people come! And about the DXL meets, ususally Glasseye posts the date and time of the meets last second. Usually they are held once a month. Anyway, heres a link. Sometimes Glasseye posts the info here:


lame i missed this DXL meet O_o

I was just wondering does anyone know when the next DXL meet is going to be?
at this same location??