DXL Meeting! LONG BEACH, CA! This Saturday!

Hey guys, I’m gonna be the one delivering the news of upcomming DXL meets from now on. So, ya.

Anyways, here’s the news:

This Saturday, July 2nd.

Long Beach Town Center, Right infront of the Starbucks.


Who’s invited:
All yoyoers, we’d love to have new people come to our DXL meetings, beginers or experts.

Hope you guys can make it!
-James Reed

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I would like direct address pls if its not to much to ask for… I don’t want to get lost^__^

Or is this the address?
11401 East South Street
Cerritos, CA 90703

Mapquest is fun. :stuck_out_tongue: Just messin with ya. And nope, thats not the adress. It’s the Long Beach Town Center, it’s not in Cerritos haha. Here’s the adress of the Long Beach Town Center:

7575 Carson Blvd
Long Beach, CA 90808

It’s a big place, and you’ll have to look for the starbucks. But it’s right in front so it’s not gonna be hard to find it lol. Right outside the movie theater. Hope to see ya there dude! :slight_smile:

-James Reed

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Thank You,
also those 2 address are only 17 minutes apart…lol

-Ismael H.

No problem dude, hope to see ya there haha!

-James Reed

This sucks, my brother just reminded me that I agreed to help him move in his new bedO_o
so I wont be able to make it…do you know when you guys will be holding up the next meeting?

Brian holds the meets. I have no idea when the next meets are being held. Brian allways tells everyone last second. Sorry.

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DXL meet up again!


I should be able to make it up.

Sweet! on my way to DXL meeting

DXL meets should be on Sundays, just sayin :wink:

Can’t go to most cause I have baseball

will there be other long beach meet ups like this coming up this year???

We try to have DXL meets twice a month.

Sorry for the late notice… My cpu hasn’t been working and It hasn’t let me acces parts of this site so I can bump up the thread. Anyways, there’s a DXL meet today at 2. :] Same place.

wow this sucks…now I have to wait until next time.

ok, can someone please get Brian to at least plan them a whole week ahead at least. and also, when is DXL contest this year?

I second this, especially since I will be able to start coming to them, since my baseball season is over :smiley: