DXL Meet this Saturday, September 10 @ 2pm in Long Beach, CA.

Time for another DXL yo-yo meet. Hang out, trade tricks, and get a free eggroll in your yoyo case from James Reed.

We’ll be meeting at the Starbucks in the Long Beach Town Center @ 2pm.

General-Yo will have some preproduction Entheos for all to try!

Hope to see you guys there.


Sweet, I have time and I got to see this just in the nick of time :slight_smile:

See you guys tomorrow.

I do believe the address is 7565 Carson Boulevard, Long Beach, CA 90822
I think I might have been going to redondo beach tomorrow anyway. so this isn’t too far out of the way. :slight_smile:
hope to see y’all there.

I would go but don’t have yoyo cause i need to silicone it or buy new response. :frowning:

just wondering… do we really get a free eggroll? like… one of those> http://www.freeclipartpictures.com/clipart/clip-art/pictures/eggroll.jpg ?

Only if you’re Jacob’s yoyo case!

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. It’s a joke. I put a Panda Express eggroll in Jacob’s yoyo case as a joke and eggroll got crushed and his yoyos and case were covered in eggroll oil. Even to this day his case smell like eggroll. XD

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