DV888 vs Yuuksta vs 2.0 vs Nova

I have been thinking about getting an all metal yoyo from Yoyofactory. I heard that the DV888, Yuuksta, 2.0, and Nova are really good. I just don’t know which one to get. My prefences are: dead smooth, undersized, and flows nicely on the string. Please help!! :slight_smile:

Get the Nova. It’s sexy.

They are hardly comparable. One’s a cheap fundametal, one is a higher end metal with a totally different shaoe and is 20 bucks more expensive, and one’s totally off-limit expensive compared to Dv888.

Any preferences> Skill, shape, materials, response, special requirements (eg. grinds)?

My prefences include a yoyo that can grind well, dead smooth, expert skill level, and butterfly shape. Hope that helps. :smiley:

You need to open your choices up a little more. The ILYY Void is a superb somewhat affordable under size