Dv888 vs. yoyo king grind control

Which one is better

what are your preferences? and why those two?

Of all the mid-ends I’ve tried/owned- DV888, rally, prism, shutter, raptor, strix- the Rally and Prism seemed best for learning tricks. Everything else is too unstable. The Rally is also plastic, so dings and dents are not as visible, and don’t affect play as much.

But, if for whatever reason you have to pick between those two, I’d advise against the DV888. I’ve never tried the Grind Control, but I own a DV888 and it is too small to be good for learning tricks.

The Strix and Shutter are perfectly stable. This is misinformation. I’m not knocking the Prism or Rally (or any other yoyo on your list). However I dislike misleading in order to make the yoyo you recommend seem better.

As to the OP. The DV888 and Grind Control are not yoyos I’d recommend for learning tricks. Yoyos that I would are the MagicYoyo N12, Shutter, and most yoyos that are full sized. Those two are in the $50 and below range. If you can spend more I’d also recommend the YYF Supernova, Genesis, and YoyoSkeel Satisfaction.
(Note these are all metals)

As for plastics I’ve enjoyed the Upgraded Classic, Protostar, and MagicYoyo D5 DarkSprite. As for learning tricks the protostar is a good option. You may want to check out the OD Rally and CLYW Yeti as I’ve read they are top notch as well!