dv888 vs revolution

i need a Second yoyo My budget is $ 40
i cen go up to 45 if its Worth it

it really depends on your preferences, but i prefer the dv888… it can grind better, it is undersized, and i like the feel of a metal yoyo… but thats just my opinion.

Dv888 vs Revolution? How do you compare an undersized to a midsize throw? Google about size comparisons. If you like small throws and the advatages of them (speed, weight, dexterity etc…) then pick Dv888. If you like… Revoltuon, pick it.

Id go for the dv888 but HONESTLY there are much better solution for your 40 dollar problem, like a Hitman.

I like the revolution a lot but the dv is a smoother yoyo

i can only get 1 of this 2 (dv888 or revolution)

We know. Get a dv888, if you can find one for 45.

ty ill get it