Dv888, severe or protostar ?


Should i get a Dv888, severe or protostar ?


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I would buy the protostar, some beginners think the dv888 is the best yoyo ever! Its not. I hate it, and many others hate it, so if you hear a bunch of people saying it’s amazing, its not. The severe and the protostar have similar shapes. The protostar is soooo good for the price. It plays like a really high end metal.
So, protostar.


Severe is dead smooth and the shape IMO is more comfortable than the protostar.

Also finger grinds on the severe are unlike anything I’ve ever felt. The grinds are glass smooth.


Hey, this is opinion. I loved my DV888 and at that time I also had a Capless, a Genesis, and a Theory. The DV888 is a nice throw, but it has lots of concentrated weight, so people don’t like the “brick” feeling. They also say it tilts off axis easily, but that can be easily fixed with a simple string movement. It’s a solid throw. However, the Protostar is more beginner friendly, so you may want to look at that. The Severe is delrin, which is more expensive. I vote Protostar.


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Anyway, I assume you mean the Delrin Severe (In case you didn’t know, which it looks like you didn’t, in the past, the Severe has been a high end metal) ? If not, I would definitely go for the 2010 Severe. Being a high end metal, the Severe will outclass the other two, in my opinion. The 2010 Severe is a fullsized beast, and is extremely stable.

On the other hand, I still think the Delrin Severe is a great choice. I like it better than the DV888, which, in my opinion, is too dense and overrated. The Protostar is a great H shape throw that offers awesome spin and stability at a low price, but the delrin used in the Delrin Severe feels higher quality than the plastic used in the Protostar. I also like the feel of the Delrin Severe more.